C’s Boudoir

Hello again all,

On this Boudoir blog, we meet C.  An ambitious, sweet, northern girl from Ohio.  Fresh off the plane she was excited and ready.  She wanted a pretty, and glamorous shoot for her husband.  Our inspiration came from many of the Victoria Secret Models.  For her hair I curled the ends, pumped up her roots with a little bit of teasing, tossed and sprayed it to give it that staying power.

Her makeup was clean, fresh faced, with a Smokey eye to make her already beautiful  look, more alluring and passionate.

Take a look, this Doll could stop anyone in their tracks

Thanks to Raven Shutley, Youareraven.com  for some brilliant pictures .

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Raven’s Fun & Flirty Headshots

Raven is a Fantastic Photographer, I’ve been privileged enough to work with her on many of her shoots, and she is always there to help me out.  These shots were taken specifically for her business.  I feel they show a little bit of her out of the box wild side, with a very classy, artistic style.  She puts all that and more into her photography.  I love her Blue Ombre colored hair, it made it very easy to have fun with the curls.  She was very specific on the makeup and the colors she wanted on her lids.  We agreed that a gold, pinky, salmon, cat eye would go well with her hair and the type of shoot we were going for.

Beautiful and Talented!  You can’t find that.  Awesome shoot, and a Picture Perfect canvas to work on, Thanks Raven.

Thanks to the great Photographers:







Heather’s Romantic Boudoir


Heather, a soon to be bride, had planned a secret session for her fiance`.  The set was their Gorgeous, Upscale, Atlanta Apartment.  She told me her hair needed to be almost like a lion’s mane, but prettier.  She said, ” my fiance’s favorite part about me is the way I look when I first wake up, and I have a sexy lion’s mane with my natural curls falling to my shoulders”.  And the makeup she wanted was some browns, golds, and a little bit of charcoal to bring out her green eyes.  By the end she resembled a little like Alicia Silverstone.  Classic and Romantic.


Myra’s Rock Star Boudoir

Hello beautiful people, and Boudoir fans!  I had a great time on this shoot with the amazing, and talented Raven Shutley, and our gorgeous, green-eyed model Myra.  This shoot was personal to me because it was donated to a fundraiser called Miracle for Macsen for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s unborn child.  He has a rare disease called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) it is an abnormality in which the left side of your child’s heart (left ventricle, aortic valve and aorta) is severely underdeveloped.  And once he is born he’s going to have to go through a very intense, and expensive surgery. 

Myra and her husband are fans of the rock, and heavy metal music, which is the idea for this bad girl rock version of a boudoir.

Myra came into the shoot with dark maroon hair, purple nail polish, and a purple shirt.  So I felt I needed to incorporate some purples into her makeup, which also brought out her beautiful eye color.

In true rock tradition for her hair I gave her a Foe Hawk Bump.  She had very short, thick hair which made this look very easy to work with, and gave her that stunning volume.

Thank You again Myra, for your generous donation, and for a fearsome photo shoot, I loved every minute of it!

Vintage Carnival Wedding Styled Shoot

This shoot was AMAZING to work on!  I loved the vintage look of this shoot, with all of the reds, greys, blacks, and the feel of an old-time Carnival.  There were moments of beauty, flawless creativity, frustration (because there weren’t any outlets for my hair hot tools) and just out of the ordinary fun.  And I loved every minute of it.

Kristin was our classic bride.  With a young fresh glow to her face, all I needed to do to make it feel vintage was a vibrant red lip, and her hair in a messy side bun.   

I had been styling hair for a short while, but I hadn’t come across dread locks.  Emerald was one of the three performers from a flaming, aerial, cabaret group called the Hot Totties.  My vision for her was a foe hawk up do, which I felt fit her personality in this photo shoot perfectly, and captured the essence of the character.

At one point I was lucky enough to fill in for a bridal model.  My hair had been up all day, so I added a little bit of teasing, brushing, clips, a touch up of makeup by Ashley, and TADA!! 

Jamie was the second member of the Hot Totties, and had beautiful long blonde  hair.  I took my cues from the her vintage performer style  makeup and came up with this hair. 

Stephanie was the last of the Hot Totties, and had the most festive style makeup, so I felt her hair needed to have that same flair.  Corn rolled in the front with a teased shoulder length down do.

In the end I was proud of the whole group of people who helped put together this shoot.  It required a ton of preparation, that came together perfectly and it will be a fun moment marked down in my book.

Greg & Ashley Shivers Wedding

I was so excited for this one, because it was my sister’s wedding.  The wedding was set in her husband’s family house in the backyard for the ceremony, and the reception took place in the house.  Her makeup she wanted was very simple, and her hair, something clean to go well with her flower halo she was to be wearing.

Very Forrest and Jenny inspired wedding.  She looked beautiful, and Greg was a proud new husband.

Maya’s Headshots

Maya is an up and coming stunt actress.  She’s already worked on the hit series “The Walking Dead” as a Zombie, and Hallmark channel movies, and shows. 

This Was her “Before” Shot.

And, “After”.

After her Headshots, we switched over to a more dramatic look for her Stunt Shoot.  In my mind I was thinking, Zoe Saldana’s character “Ohura” from Star Trek.

Miranda’s Couture Headshots

This quirky, full of attitude, and stylish women has started up a styling consulting company, and needed some headshots for her business.

She had a beautiful complexion to her face already, so I wanted to bring out her best features, and add a few strokes of color to this French Couture look.

 Thank you Miranda, you were awesome to work with.  And thanks again to Raven for the beautiful photography.

Mark & Gabrielle Applegate Wedding

I got the privilege of doing my sister-in-law’s makeup up for her BIG DAY in Annapolis, Maryland.  We had so much fun joking around and chatting about the events to come.


 They had chosen to do a peacock inspired wedding.  The colors were beautiful with different shades of greens and blues.  Image

 The feather and colors in her hair inspired this look.


The green and blue made her brown eye glow,  such a pretty and fresh look.

In the end, the day turned out to be perfect and colorful.  Thank you Gaby and Mark for a beautiful and memorable day.

Mackenzie’s Sweet Sailor Boudoir

Mackenzie, a soon to be bride, wanted these pictures made for her future husband as a gift.  This was my first Boudoir, so I was super excited, not knowing what to expect, but Mackenzie is a warm, bubbly personality that made this whole shoot so much fun.  


She told me her first set of pictures she wanted to look sexy, but sweet.  So I gave her a light Smokey cat eye, with a young glow to her face.  And for the hair, a curly, roll out of the sheets, messy look. 







 For Mackenzie’s second set of pictures she wanted to do a modern pin-up look, while wearing her Fiancé’s US Forces jacket.  Very SEXY!


This hairstyle was by far my favorite one I have ever done, and she looked beautiful for this time period.



That’s a “Calendar Girl” smile!  Thank you so much Mackenzie for such a fun shoot.  And thanks to Raven Shutly for the Beautiful pictures.